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"We're Goin' Campin'.... Ain't Life Grand!"

Posted by Val Enders on July 19, 2012 at 2:50 AM

"We're Goin' Campin'.... Ain't Life Grand!" Well, the two of us bought a used camper, and last weekend we went to a beautiful Provincial Park to give the wheels a test run. The hubby took Friday off from work, and we set off with renewed hope about bonding with nature. It's been at least thirty years since our last camping adventures with the kiddies, and now, at our age we must be losing our minds to give it a try again. So, this was going to be the maiden voyage, and for the week prior to departure, we cleaned, shopped and generally busted a hump getting things in order. The weather wasn't looking good but we were determined to go regardless. After a slight snag with the signal lights, we pushed off. It had been awhile since the last trip, so we had to familiarize ourselves with everything camping, and believe me, we found out pretty darn fast how expensive equipment was. We hadnt even pulled out of the driveway, but had already invested a wad of dough into gear and trailer. Camping stores pretty much gouge the crap out of you. We saved ourselves a bundle of cash buying a second hand camper that was in pretty good condition. The rest of this article can be read at where you will be able to access the photographs that accompany this story as well. For some reason I cannot post them on my blog today.

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