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``My Garden of Weeden``

Posted by Val Enders on August 26, 2012 at 6:20 PM

My Garden of Weeden

Weeding is very cathartic. Now hold on ... don’t start tossing tomatoes at me yet! It may surprise you to know that some people actually like to weed, and I guess I fall into that group. Of course there are “closet” weeders, people who deny that they enjoy getting out in the flower beds to weed, but I know they secretly take pleasure in rooting out the invaders. ( pun intended)

While weeding, I have noticed a lot of things , and have come to some conclusions about people and plants. For one thing, we have lots of characteristics in common, and the lowly weed has taught me some very valuable lessons in life. Here are a few:

 • Patience. Each week I see the patience those weeds exhibit. They know I’ll be back next Monday to pull them out, but they patiently wait and go on growing, just in case I don’t get around to them, or forget that it’s Monday.

• Determination. They are determined to reproduce, and nothing in their make up says “throw in the towel, it’s no use, we’ll just get picked on again.” These fellas are no “quitters.” Guess I can’t be one either.

• Courage. I don’t know about you, but it takes a lot of courage to stand outside, unprotected, in some of the rain storms we have had lately. Those tough plants put up with some of the worst rain and wind, and still survive to see the sunshine. Not that they have a choice, they have no feet. Bummer

• Flexible. I noticed how flexible those weeds are, bending easily to take whatever the elements throw at them, and it reminds me to be a little more flexible with how I treat others, and bend more, instead of taking a “hard line” attitude. Lessons in tolerance come easy when weeding. Bending is not so easy. Getting up... worse.

 • Perseverance. Learn to persevere no matter how dim and bleak things look. Plants hang on and endure under the most extreme conditions, and forge an existence in places where you least expect them. They have taught me to adapt and thrive.

• Dependable. Weeds are definitely dependable. As sure as there is snow in winter, those weeds will come back day after day, week after week, and year after year. Some will winter themselves over, and most will send their seeds into cracks and crevices, to patiently wait for the next warm spell in spring. Employees should be that dependable. Sadly, not all of them are.

 • Enthusiastic. I wish I had the enthusiasm for working, like those plants have for growing! Good heavens, a couple of days of rain and one of sun, and those things are up to the windowsill. Some people should take a lesson here, and get out of their easy chairs and show the same zest for life as weeds do.

 • Beauty. Some weeds are really beautiful.. with their soft purple blooms swaying on long graceful stems, others with bright yellow faces soaking up the sun and brightening up the shady areas of the yard. It was thirty degrees here today and as I hand weeded the sidewalk I sweated, and bent over like Grandpa Simpson I felt back pain as if I had been tortured on the “rack” . The beauty of those weeds taught me one last vital lesson. They educated me to the fact that beauty is fleeting, but stupid is forever. I’m heading to the garage for the jug of weed killer. Another life lesson from nature. (Sigh)

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